Shipping, Tracking & Returns

Find out how to get updates on package tracking and delivery

How is the shipping rate calculated?

Shipping rates at Forwardme are calculated based on various factors like destination, carrier, package weight, and dimensions.

Can I use my own shipping label or a personal shipper account?

Learn about our prepaid label requirement for returns and how our Shipping Calculator can help streamline your shipping process for an optimal experience.

Can I provide Forwardme with a prepaid shipping label?

Forwardme doesn't work with pre-paid shipping labels.

Can I ship to another package forwarder?

To protect against fraud and illegal activities, we currently do not support this practice.

Can I ship lithium-ion batteries from USA?

Considering shipping lithium-ion batteries from the US?

What is an MSDS/SDS form and how can I get one?

Curious about what an MSDS/SDS form is and how to acquire one? Let us guide you through the process.

Can Forwardme ships packages when I am traveling?

Forwardme ships more than 220 countries and regions.

Can I ship my package to an APO, FPO or P.O. Box address?

Unfortunately, we currently do not provide these services, though international P.O. box deliveries are available via USPS.

Can I change delivery address after placing order?

Changing Delivery Address.

Why courier companies charge for surcharges?

Courier companies charge surcharges to cover additional costs incurred in providing specialized services or handling specific circumstances. These surcharges compensate for extra resources required for special handling of oversized or fragile pack...

What are surcharges?

Surcharges are additional fees or charges that are imposed by courier companies on top of their standard shipping or delivery rates. These surcharges are typically applied in specific situations or for certain types of services. They are designed ...

Can I use a shipping method that is not listed in your calculator?

At Forwardme, we provide a diverse range of reliable and economical shipping options.

When is my shipment going to be mailed out?

Usually, our mail-out requests are fulfilled within 1-2 business days.

Which carriers can ship lithium-ion batteries?

Equip yourself with essential knowledge on carriers' specific regulations to ensure a hassle-free shipping experience with Forwardme.

What are the maximum weight and dimensions of each carrier?

When it comes to carrier weight and size restrictions, it's crucial to stay informed to ensure the successful delivery of your shipments.

What are the additional fees for heavy or long packages?

Discover the additional fees for heavy or long packages at

How to get Shipping Insurance? What does it cover?

A Shipping insurance can save you tons of money and time!

Can I ship perfume, cologne, and liquid fragrances?

Shipping perfumes

Does Forwardme ship with DDU or DDP?

Discover Forwardme's shipping methods: primarily DDU with exceptions for DDP. Get the flexibility you need for your shipments.

Understanding Actual Weight vs. Dimensional Weight

Learn how courier companies determine the final shipping weight by comparing Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight (DIM Weight).