Planning to ship packages containing lithium-ion batteries?

There are important regulations and restrictions you must consider to ensure your shipment is accepted and processed correctly.

Please note: Most carriers that allow the shipment of lithium-ion batteries limit each package to a maximum weight of 5 kg.

Here's a quick overview of the guidelines for various shipping services:

  1. DHL: Accepts PI966 and PI967 lithium-ion batteries.

  2. FedEx: Accepts PI966 and PI967 lithium-ion batteries.

    • If there are 3 or more items per package, an MSDS will be required.
    • If there are 2 or fewer items per package, no MSDS is required.
  3. USPS - Priority Mail International - RRD - Priority Parcel: Accepts PI967 lithium-ion batteries only if they are installed in devices.

    • Item Limit: Up to 2 items per package that contain batteries.

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Understanding these guidelines can help you choose the right carrier for your shipment and avoid any potential shipping complications.