At, we work with various carriers, each with their own guidelines.

Here's what you need to know:

As carriers may update their guidelines periodically, staying informed is essential to ensure compliance and avoid any potential issues.

Additional Handling for DHL Express: For shipments with DHL Express, there are additional handling fees applicable to certain scenarios:

Additional Handling for DHL Express

Overweight PieceShipment pieces exceeding 70 kgPer Piece99.00 USD
Oversize PieceLarge pieces exceeding 120 cmPer Piece70.00 USD
Non-Stackable PalletWhen shipping non-stackable palletsPer Pallet300.00 USD

Additional Handling for FedEx

Oversize Piece 70.00 USDPer Piece70.00 USD

Please note that these additional handling fees are specific to DHL Express and may vary based on your specific shipment requirements.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on carrier weight and size restrictions, we recommend visiting our Help Center regularly. Stay informed and ensure a smooth shipping experience with