It's important to understand the store's return policies. 

Some retailers may bear the cost of return shipping, while others might require you to cover it. To clarify their return procedures, you should refer to the retailer's website or directly contact them.

Here's how you can manage returns through Forwardme:

If you have a pre-paid shipping label:

Please reach out to us via chat or email, providing us with your return label obtained from the merchant.

Ensure to include more details about your request in the chat or email. For example, you might say, "I have attached the return label for sending the package back to the seller."

If you don't have a pre-paid label:

In such cases, the cost of return shipping will supersede the charges for Manual Mail Out. To proceed with a return, simply add the return address to your address book and treat it as a regular shipment.

Please note that only USPS, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Ground Residential are available for returns within the US.

Costs associated with returning a package:

Premium Members: 
Premium Members $5 USD (Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $2.25 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $8.25 USD

Free Accounts:

Free Accounts $10 USD (Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $3.25 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $14.25 USD To Return

With Forwardme, returning your items is as straightforward as sending them!