It's crucial to understand the specific guidelines related to battery type, country regulations, and the carrier's rules. 

For detailed information on country-specific restrictions, refer here. In terms of carrier-specific information, refer to the details outlined in the sections below.

Lithium-ion batteries are categorized as follows:

  1. PI965 - Loose Batteries: These include batteries found in devices such as phones and cameras. 
    Due to regulations set by the IATA, FAA, and TSA, loose lithium-ion batteries are NOT permitted for shipping through Forwardme.

  2. PI966 - Batteries Packed with Equipment: This category includes items like a phone shipped along with its battery. For these shipments to be accepted, batteries must be secured in strong, rigid outer packaging to prevent damage or compression. 
    The inner packaging should also be sufficiently secure within the outer container. Be aware that carrier restrictions may apply.

  3. PI967 - Batteries Contained in Equipment: This refers to items such as a phone shipped with the battery installed. Again, carrier restrictions may apply. 
    If your items don't include the original product packaging, please contact us so we can arrange for repackaging in a cardboard box before sending.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your lithium-ion battery shipments are accepted and transported safely and legally.