Package Receiving & Storage

Where you will find package and warehouse processing info

Will Forwardme open my package?

Our diligent and methodical process keeps your interests at the forefront, promoting a secure and satisfying shopping experience.

What is dimensional (DIM) weight?

DIM Weight (Dimensional Weight) has a major role in international shipments, as many courier companies charge over DIM weigth as well as actual weigjt.

How long does the package processing take?

Understand the estimated timeframe for products to appear in your account after arrival at our warehouse.

What happens if I forgot my suite number when ordering with my U.S. address online?

Did you happen to overlook your suite number when shopping online with your U.S. address?

Will you notify me after my package arrives to you?

Ever wonder how you'll know when your package has arrived at our facilities? We've got you covered!

What do I do after my package is received to the warehouse?

Follow the process of filling out the customs declaration form, selecting shipping options, and making payment.

What is the difference between restricted and prohibited items?

Prohibited Items:  If an item is prohibited in your country or for export from the United States, we cannot ship it to you. If you are not sure if an item is prohibited, please contact us before ordering. If we receive an item we cannot ship to ...

Can I receive mail, magazines or catalogs?

Yes, you can receive mail to your Forwardme address. This service is available to only our VIP members.  Even if you are a VIP member, please contact us beforehand if you are going to receive a mail. 

Can my delivery from Forwardme's operation facility be picked up by someone I know?

Your package can be picked-up by a friend from our warehouses.

Can I shop from multiple stores?

Shopping from multiple stores, and shipping in one order.

Can my order canceled?

When you shop online, especially from large corporations such as Apple, Target, and BestBuy, you might run into challenges if these companies detect that you are using a parcel forwarding service.

What does "Delivery Attempt Failed" mean?

Encountered the term "Delivery Attempt Failed" and unsure of its implications? Let us clarify this for you.

Will you charge me for each package I received even though I only placed one order from the retailer?

Discover the different fee structures for Premium Members and Free Accounts.

What is the Optimal Time Window for Walmart-Like Deliveries?

Protecting your deliveries from theft is a top priority for us at