Indeed, we do. At Forwardme, we're driven by a commitment to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your purchases, thus necessitating inspection upon arrival at our facilities.

Our adept team meticulously examines each package for potential damage incurred during transit, and verifies its eligibility for export from the United States.

This procedure safeguards your interests and assures the quality and safety of your items.

In instances where the seller includes an invoice in your delivery box, we carry out a thorough item-to-invoice match. This ensures that you receive precisely what you ordered.

If the invoice reflects the amount paid, we take an additional step to record this information for your convenience and financial transparency.

Under circumstances where an item arrives outside of the manufacturer's original packaging or from an unrecognized vendor, we perform an in-depth inspection. This involves opening the packing to verify that the correct goods are enclosed and are sanctioned for export from the United States.

This vigilant approach empowers Forwardme to deter fraud, while simultaneously saving you shipping expenses.