In some cases, shipping packages cannot be insured, even with shipping insurance. Forwardme Shipping Insurance doesn't cover any of the stated below; 

  • Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, jewelry, rock slabs, stocks, bonds, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, event tickets, or any other negotiable documents.
  • Loss from delay, deterioration, spoilage or contamination of perishable merchandise except when resulting from fire.

  • Merchandise shipped on consignment, memorandum or approval unless shipped in fulfillment of an order or request.

  • Loss, damage, or non-arrival of any package or its contents which (a) is addressed, wrapped, or packed insufficiently, incorrectly, or contrary to carrier's packaging requirements; or (b) bears a descriptive label or packaging which tends to describe nature of contents EXCEPT if shipped via Parcel Post and required by Postal Laws and Regulations.

  • Damage which is deemed exceedingly minor, frequently occurring, or caused by the nature of the product itself regardless of careful handling.

  • Cosmetic damages limited to the packaging where the intended good is not damaged.

  • Any package where the damage is deemed preventable had the shipment included the appropriate use of packing materials such as, but not limited to, packaging tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumpled paper, styrofoam, or mail rollers.

  • Any package containing personal goods, gifts, samples, or promotional items shipped on behalf of the insured or insured's employees.

  • Any package shipped to (a) a prohibited country or any location that would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions, including, without limitation, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Restricted Countries (with such information available here) or (b) any country or any location that would be in violation of applicable U.S. and/or carrier shipping restrictions related to COVID-19 or other disease-related outbreak, as may be updated from time to time. Information can be found here.

  • Against loss or damage arising out of dishonesty on the part of the insured or insured's employees.

  • Against loss or damage caused by or resulting from: (a) hostile or warlike action in time of peace or war, including action in hindering, combating or defending against an actual, impending or expected attack, (1) by any government or sovereign poser (de jure facto), or by any authority maintaining or using military, naval or air forces; or (2) by military, naval or air forces; (3) by an agent of any such government power, authority or forces (b) any weapon of war employing atomic fission or radioactive force whether in time of peace or war; (c) insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil war, usurped power, or action taken by governmental authority in hindering, combating or defending against such an occurrence, seizure, or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulations, confiscation by order of any government or public authority or risks of contraband or illegal transportation of trade.

  • Against loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination, all whether controlled or uncontrolled, and whether such loss be direct or indirect, proximate or remote, or be in whole or in part caused by, contributed to, or aggravated by the peril(s) insured against in this Policy; however, direct loss by "fire" resulting from nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination is insured against by this Policy.

  • Against loss or damage caused by Customs seizure, inspection, handling, or destruction.

  • Any package containing goods prohibited or restricted from entering the intended country of delivery.

  • Surcharges, including but not limited to: shipping costs, tariffs, seller fees, and processing fees.

Other than these, if you haven't provided enough information on the claim processing section, your attempt to file a claim can be still rejected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us