Forwardme offers shipping insurance to provide all members with peace of mind during the shipping process. You can easily obtain our shipping insurance during the checkout process when you are placing a shipping order.

Our shipping insurance ensures that you are protected in the following situations:

Damaged Packages: If your package arrives damaged, our shipping insurance covers the repair or replacement of the items as necessary. We understand how disappointing it can be to receive a damaged item, and our goal is to make it right.

Lost Packages: The uncertainty of a lost package can be stressful. With our shipping insurance, if your package is lost in transit, you are covered. We will work with you to either locate the package or compensate you for the loss.

Stolen Packages: In the unfortunate event that your package is stolen after delivery, our shipping insurance has you covered. We provide support to file a claim and guidance on the next steps to compensate for the theft.

How to Add Shipping Insurance to Your Order:

  1. Proceed to the checkout section after adding all the package/packages you wish to ship to your cart
  2. In the check-out section, you'll have o select your address, choose your delivery method, and add-ons for your shipment. 
  3. In add-ons, Forwardme Insurance is available for every shipment. Simply select Shipping Insurance.
  4. Complete the payment.