Geographic location, language barriers, or unsupported payment methods can all become obstacles that prevent you from purchasing the products you want from international retailers.

That's where Forwardme steps in with our valuable service - the Personal Shopper. This innovative solution acts as your personal shopping assistant in the United States, designed to help overcome the barriers of international shopping.

Imagine you've found an item from a major U.S. brand that you absolutely adore, but there's a hitch.

The retailer requires the same billing address as your shipping address - something that's not possible for international shoppers. This is where our Personal Shopper service shines.

With Personal Shopper, we make the purchase on your behalf. This way, you can have the item shipped directly to your doorstep, bypassing any geographical restrictions or payment issues that may have previously stood in your way.

In essence, our Personal Shopper service empowers you to shop freely and confidently from any U.S. retailer, knowing that Forwardme has your back.