Consolidation involves combining multiple packages into a single shipment, which can significantly reduce the overall Dimensional (DIM) Weight, and therefore, the shipping cost.

Here's how the consolidation process works:

  1. When you have multiple items that you want to ship to the same address, you can request a consolidation.
  2. You make this request by contacting our operation team and providing details about the specific items you want to combine into a single package.
  3. Once we receive your request, we take care of the consolidation process. We carefully package your items together to ensure they are protected during transit while also maximizing space efficiency.
  4. After the consolidation is completed, we notify you and provide the new total weight and dimensions of the combined package.

By utilizing our consolidation service, you can make significant savings on your international shipping costs.

We recommend taking advantage of this service whenever you have multiple items to ship to the same destination.