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Can I ship perfume, cologne, and liquid fragrances?

Yes, we can ship your requested perfumes/colognes, but there are a few important details regarding the shipping of these items. Perfumes and colognes are classified as hazardous goods because they are flammable, so courier companies will demand additional payment.

It's important to package the perfume properly to prevent any leaks or spills. This means using a sturdy box and plenty of padding material, such as bubble wrap, to protect the bottle. We should also make sure to label the package as "fragile" and to clearly mark the contents as perfume.

In addition to processing and shipping costs, the dangerous goods fee is $95 for DHL, $95 for UPS.
Individual bottles of perfume or cologne cannot contain more than 500 ml.

Remember: When filling out your customs form, you will need to check the Potential Dangerous Goods box and use "perfume" as the Item Name and set the number of bottles in the Quantity box. Then choose DHL, UPS as your shipping method when you choose a carrier.