Can I Ship Perfume/Cologne?

Yes, we can ship your perfume/colognes as you wish, but there are some important details about the shipping of these goods. First of all courier companies will demand extra money because perfume/cologne are considered as dangerous good as they can be flammable. There are other important details are listed below.

  • The dangerous goods fee is $95 for DHL, $95 for UPS, and $10 for Pony Express* plus processing and shipping fees.
  • Individual perfume / cologne bottles cannot contain more than 500ml.
  • Aerosols (e.g. body spray, deodorant, hair spray, etc.) are allowed if they are in consumer packaging and are limited to a 500ml container size.
  • Packages are limited to 30 kg/66.1386787 lbs.

*Pony Express is only available for packages shipping to Russia. There is a limit of 5 perfume bottles per package.

Remember: When filling out your customs form, you will need to check the Potential Dangerous Goods box and use "perfume" as the Item Name and set the number of bottles in the Quantity box. Then choose DHL, UPS or Pony Express as your shipping method when you choose a carrier.

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