Our top tips include consolidation, repackaging, and affordable worldwide shipping services.

Consolidation: By requesting consolidation, we can combine multiple packages into a single shipment. This consolidation process results in lower shipping costs for you, maximizing your savings while ensuring secure and efficient delivery.

Repackaging: Our skilled team can repackage your items into a smaller container, optimizing the size and weight of your shipment. This streamlined packaging not only reduces shipping expenses but also enhances the protection of your items during transit.

Affordable Worldwide Shipping: Forwardme.com provides cost-effective shipping services to over 220 destinations worldwide. With our global network of trusted carriers, we can offer competitive shipping rates without compromising on reliability or speed.

At Forwardme.com, we understand the importance of keeping shipping costs affordable. That's why we offer innovative solutions to help you save on your international shipments. 

With Forwardme services, you'll be able to get the affordable worldwide shipping, but if you have multiple packages, we strongly advise you to consolidate your packages, and if you have single package, we advise you to repack your package to save on shipping fees.