This requirement, enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, generally applies to exports of single items valued over $2,500 USD.

The EEI form process involves submitting detailed information about your export electronically to the appropriate government agency. This data is critical to the U.S. government for statistical and compliance purposes.

If you're planning to ship items with Forwardme and the total value exceeds $2,500, it's advisable to split your package into multiple parts to comply with these regulations.

However, if repacking isn't feasible, you must complete an EEI form. Please note that completing this form incurs a fee of $40.

Furthermore, packages requiring an EEI form can only be shipped via specific carriers. Ensure to verify the carrier's regulations and capabilities for handling such shipments before proceeding.

It's crucial to understand and abide by these regulations to avoid potential customs issues and delays in shipping.

If you're unsure whether your shipment requires an EEI form, it's best to consult with Forwardme or directly with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to avoid any potential complications.