How to calculate Duties & Taxes for my country?

You can find more information regarding duties & taxes through our country pages. On our main page, simply choose your shipping country on the "Get Rates" bar. You can find all the detailed information on the selected country page. Please find the below image as an example part of the customs information section on the country page.

Please also keep in mind that is not responsible for the taxes & duties that may occur upon arrival of your shipment. You are financially responsible for any taxes & duties incurred or any additional requirements advised by the customs. Once we ship your package/s, we don't have any control over your local customs. We cannot interfere with any customs from any country. Therefore, we cannot predict if a certain package will or will not be charged taxes.

We recommend you to do research about the customs Duty & Tax regulations for the delivery country. 

Here are some ways to find the duty & tax fees:

  • Find your country's government customs regulations webpage.
  • Get information from local customs agents.
  • There are some duty & tax calculator tools on the web.
  • Simply do a search on Google :) Example keywords to search: duty & tax calculator for Australia, What are the duty&tax fees for Canada?

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